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Nanima is a celebration of the wonderful and diverse culinary traditions of Asia.


We’re excited to be able to offer a wide range of dishes from across the region – from spicy curries to steaming noodle soups, from samosas and chicken wings to spring rolls and sushi.


Hard work for us, pretty cool for you.



Nanima is run by Nicky and Lonnie, a wife and husband team who have each left all else behind to realise this dream; they are ably supported by Bea, Leah, Emmanuel and Yona, all mucking in to provide a genuine experience of Asian cuisine offered with love.


We’re local to Kemptown, proud to be part of such a vibrant, diverse and tolerant community, and thrilled to be able to spread this love throughout our neighbourhood – we offer our food in the act of humble service, and it’s appreciation is the finest reward.


Come say hi when you can; you’ll be very welcome indeed.



We like to think of ourselves, primarily, as a kitchen, not a conventional restaurant. 

A trusted kitchen is more personal, more authentic, more welcoming.


But more than simply producing wonderful food, we hope that all visitors find Nanima to be a safe and comfortable place where people can come together not just for a fine meal or a great coffee but for a true sense of community. We’re already a regular meeting place for lots of you good people, and that’s the way we like it.

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Nanima means 'maternal grandmother' in Punjabi, Hindi and other languages from the Indian sub-continent.

In many traditional societies, the mother's mother will live within the family, playing a central role in raising children and, perhaps most importantly, in preparing food.


This makes Nanima's food within a family not just the passing on of how to make wonderful traditional dishes, but also the power of preserving cultural identity and the assurance it will continue. 

It is in this spirit of authenticity that we offer our food to you.

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