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Image by Taylor Franz



At Nanima we offer a wide range of speciality hot and cold drinks, from Vietnamese Coffee, Indian Spiced Chai, Malaysian Teh Tarik and Boba Bubble Tea.


We also have what we humbly believe to be the best coffee in Brighton, courtesy of the very magnificent people at Union Hand-Roasted Coffee.



There is also a very wide selection of speciality tea courtesy of the equally wonderful folk at teapigs.


We freshly prepare exotic milkshakes and lassi for you too, including vegan options.


We also have a full range of Asian beer in the fridge – including Kingfisher, Tiger, Chang, Tsingtao and Asahi – as well as Cobra on tap. We also offer zero-alcohol and gluten free beer too!


We are very pleased to offer Soul Tree Indian Red and White wine as our house wines, but also offer other wines too. 

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